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Total Distance Calculator

Applied Libraries:
▸ Leaflet JS - an open-source JavaScript library for mobile-friendly interactive maps,
▸ Leaflet JS Plugins,
▸ D3 (Data-Driven Documents) JS - a JavaScript library for manipulating documents based on data (HTML, SVG, and CSS),
▸ C3 JS - D3-based reusable chart library.

Multi Layer Map

The Multilayer Web Application with Multilayer Interactive Map,
For the Drawing & Estimating the Routes. Draw Drafts, Monitoring & Navigating.


      May used in Telecom, Travel, Agricultural, Transportation, Communications & Construction industry. For the planning wireless telecommunications. Draw the drafts for urban planning. Plot & estimate the flying routes for logistics and tourism. It's also may used for individual purposes as well. For example by individual engineers, chief operators, travellers & suppliers.

A Draw Layer

Draw Layer Note:
▸ A Draw Layer disables the System Layer.

Related System Buttons:
▸ Clear Draws - removes all drawn items.
▸ Get a Draws - generates a GeoJSON file with the drawn items.

Related System Check Box:
▸ Draw Layer Marker Pulsing - required when needed to draw a pulsing marker.

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A System Layer ⇔ Multiple Aerial Routes Directions Distance Calculator

      A System Layer may used as an auxiliary to the Draw Layer.
      This layer substantially consumes computational power, so there is not recommended to use this layer on mobile gadgets, tablets & netbooks.

A Local File Load Layer

Upload GPX, KML, GeoJSON File Related System Button:
▸ Clear Loads - removes all loaded files items.

Related System Check Boxes:
▸ Append File Layer Control - after loading a file, appending to the map layers the file layer control.
▸ File Layer Static View on Load - after loading a file, the mouse over-out & click events disabled on this layer drawings.

This layer allows also to estimate in addition the driving distances, by importing them from other resources ( the one of them on doogal.co.uk ).
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